Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Your visitors’ safety can’t be compromised 

Rock concerts, ice hockey games, theater performances or swimming competitions − whatever sports and leisure activities you are in, your main goal is usually to get the customers to enjoy your event without fear of being hurt. With big crowds of people safety is crucial and can’t be compromised. There are many questions that need to be taken into account:

  • Are the ski lifts and the elevators safe to use?
  • Does your electrical system and fire safety equipment work under all circumstances?
  • Is ventilation providing fresh air to breathe?

You probably have your hands full making the experience as great as possible for your visitors. We help you to take care of the safety aspects, for you to concentrate on what you do best.

Pay attention to the right aspects

We know what demands the statutary authorities put on you. We help you pay attention to the right aspects concerning safety and the condition of the building. We help you to be sure about the fire safety by inspecting fire detection, exhaust and smoke alarm systems. We make sure your water chutes and ski lifts are in a good condition so that your customers are safe. We help you to keep other equipment, from elevators to icing machinery, in good condition throughout their lifecycle. With our various building services we help you to make the right renovation and investment decisions, offer advice as to how to add energy efficiency and we can lead the project risk management.

With our help you can concentrate on your customers and visitors so that they can just keep on having fun!