Retail & Wholesale

Retail & Wholesale

Solutions to ensure effectiveness, safety and quality 

Retail and Wholesale is all about offering and selling good quality products and services your customer is looking for − through a chain of players to finally reaching the end customer. Globalization and industry consolidation are real challenges for retail and wholesale companies and the whole chain needs to co-operate to reach maximum effectiveness. The industry uses many types of lifts, escalators, cold-storage rooms and machines that need to be both safe and in a good condition. The buildings need continuous maintenance too.

Equipment and buildings in good condition

Kiwa Inspecta helps you focus on your main business. We can ensure the safety and condition of all types of equipment. In addition to lifts, doors and machinery, also systems related to fire safety and electricity, measuring instruments and much more are all part of our expertise. We make sure your store is safe for your customers and a safe working place for your team.

We also support you in keeping your buildings in good condition: for example, to make sure that the roof of the storage hall bears heavy snow loads during winter months. Kiwa Inspecta’s certification services help to face the challenges in a global operating environment: for example, a certified quality or environment management system is clear evidence of your ambitions all round the globe.