Real Estate

Real Estate

Inspection, consulting, testing and certification

Buildings are a natural part of daily life. To maintain a building in good condition and make sure it is safe to use over many decades is not an easy task. Many aspects need to be taken into account:

  • Is the elevator safe to use?
  • Does electrical and fire safety equipment function under all circumstances?
  • Is ventilation providing fresh air to breathe? Are renovation plans correct? 
  • Is the selected supplier providing a good quality service? 

And this is just to mention a few of the things you have to think about when owning or managing real estate. An accident or breakdown might be very expensive and, if someone is hurt, the damage to your reputation and bank account can be even greater. You and the people using your property should be able to trust it is safe to visit, work or live in.

Support throughout the property lifecycle

Kiwa Inspecta offers advice and support throughout the property lifecycle whether the building is residential, office, hotel, historic building, public space or factory.

From the first day of making an investment decision through installations and yearly inspections up to demolition and recycling − Kiwa Inspecta helps to stay on track with the condition, safety and maintenance of the building.

We inspect practically everything from automatic doors to safe exhaust systems, help you to make the right renovation and investment decisions, advise how to add energy efficiency and lead the project risk management. In these tasks, both experience and great competence are needed: Kiwa Inspecta is a trusted partner that has co-operated with property owners, condominium associations and property management offices for over 30 years.

Skyview at Globen

Skyview at Globen

Skyview is a one of a kind elevator project. Two bubble-shaped gondolas climb the outside of the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, alternately carrying 16 visitors each on a unique trip to the top. 130 metres above sea level, Skyview offers breathtaking views across Stockholm.


Inspections Bring Safety to Finavia

More than 13 million passengers pass through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport each year and there are more than 90 000 flight arrivals. It’s the largest of the 25 airports managed and owned by Finavia Plc in Finland.