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Pulp & Paper

Maximize safety, avoid unexpected downtime and optimize the lifecycle of your equipment.

During the past few years, the forestry industry has encountered demanding times. Today, optimizing production means not only being cost-effective and safe, but also considering environmental sustainability and social perspectives. You need to be sure of the capability of your equipment and avoid sudden downtime to be profitable.

Advanced testing methods support risk-based maintenance

Kiwa Inspecta has long experience as a supplier of know-how to the forestry industry. Our inspection and testing services help you to maximize safety, to avoid unexpected downtime and to optimize the lifecycle and quality of your equipment. With our new NDT technologies we can find the critical areas and save time even when the operations are running, which supports risk-based maintenance.

When using our services we can also help you with project management services to ensure that investments are executed at the right time, with the right tools and by highly competent people. We have resources to manage even the biggest maintenance stoppages and our training services keep you on the cutting edge of technology, not only today, but also in your future challenges.