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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Keep your wheels rolling with help of inspection, testing and certification

To keep customers’ deadlines and to be as effective as possible requires that all the bits and pieces fit together − round the year and all around the globe. A single defect in the chain can, however, ruin the whole picture, and ensuring the usability of production or logistics equipment is therefore essential for the continuity of business operations. With higher demands for environmental friendly choices from customers and authorities, environmental responsibility is also crucial.

Road, rail, maritime or aviation − all areas covered

Kiwa Inspecta provides support in all these challenges, be it in the areas of manufacturing, storage, recycling, road transports, rail traffic, maritime transports or aviation. With our services you can make sure your fleet and equipment are safe and in a good condition. From ADR-tanks to hoisting devices, conveyors, lifting doors, loading docks, weighing devices, storage tanks, electrical railway networks, port devices, airplanes and much more. Kiwa Inspecta also assesses and certifies management systems or helps to find defects with non-destructive methods, such as ultrasonic or x-ray in, for example, ships’ hulls or wagon trailer axels.