Infrastructure & Construction

Infrastructure & Construction

Ensure the quality of production and avoid expensive accidents

The surrounding world affects us all. Economic growth, a stable housing policy and continuously investments in railway, airline routes and road networks have an impact on how you can operate your business. To be profitable and effective, with a strong focus on safety, is not an easy task. To build projects of high quality and also to take your environmental responsibility seriously are also challenges that are crucial to solve.

Take control over operations, systems and products

That’s why it’s good to have Kiwa Inspecta to help. We can support companies of all sizes to ensure the quality of production. Quality control, quality assurance and design review services are some examples. When using our services we can also help you with project management and risk analysis − to help you take control and avoid dangerous and expensive accidents.

We certify your Quality Systems and issue product certificates for infrastructure and construction products, to get your equipment and construction products CE-marked or in order to fulfill other product requirements. Ensuring the products’ quality during the production stage means a decrease in the number of complaints and an increase in cost savings.