Health Care & Life Sciences

Health Care & Life Sciences

While Kiwa Inspecta takes control of many of the important factors affecting safe, uninterrupted production and smooth operations, you can focus on the most vital ones of all − your customers and their best possible treatment

In the health care and life sciences sectors all actors have a common goal − high-quality care. In this, patient safety is an important factor, and, to promote safety, the active prevention of risks is one of the best means. Easier said than done, as risks are various: first of all, focus on quality is important − systems and processes need to flow smoothly. It is also essential to take into account, for example, that air ventilation doesn’t spread bacteria, that operating theatres get electricity even during a blackout, that all essential tools are calibrated, that patient lifting devices are safe and that the environment is sterile to be able to guarantee safe medical procedures.

From broad system certifications, to inspections and calibration

Kiwa Inspecta’s wide range of services helps you to prevent risks, to focus on quality management safety and security, both for your employees and for your products as well as to ensure the safe working condition of patient safety-related equipment and systems. We serve the health care sector from broad system certifications, inspections of elevators, fire alarm and extinguishing systems and pressure components to the validation of autoclaves and calibration of measuring equipment.

Also, questions concerning well-functioning and safe clean rooms are familiar to us. We help you to make sure your operations live up to your own needs and the demands of your customers, patients and local health authorities. Thorough documentation enables you to secure and monitor the processes. Even though our service offer is broad, you can trust us to be an independent player.