Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Kiwa Inspecta’s services help you to concentrate on the essential: producing high-quality, safe products that your customers want to eat.

In the western world, people’s eating and drinking habits are under constant discussion. Consumer demands are various and there is a continuous dialogue about health, taste and fair production. However, the basic requirements stay the same: the food needs to be safe to eat.

At the same time, the production should run safely and effectively without interruptions. Well-thought out processes, functioning equipment and employees’ high knowledge result in safety, where food is microbiologically good and doesn’t contain allergens or foreign objects. Involvement of several actors is needed, as food safety can’t be managed without thorough control over the entire supply chain.

Manage safety issues systematically

Kiwa Inspecta can help to manage safety issues systematically so that you can meet the consumer and customer demands. We don’t only focus on food and feed safety but also on the systems related to food packaging. Briefly, we help to take control over the risks affecting your business. Kiwa Inspecta can also give permission to use so called e mark in the packages − a signal of trust throughout the European market. In factories, Kiwa Inspecta can inspect and analyze all types of equipment and machines used in production and logistics; from fire extinguishers to refrigeration equipment and measurement devices.