Energy & Power

Energy & Power

Safe operation and maximum availability to sustain profitability

Generating heat and electricity involves many challenges and potentially hazards. The industry has to both ensure uninterrupted supply and satisfy demands related to safety and environment. The production systems are complex and fatal breakdowns can occur if not properly designed, monitored and maintained. Also, new innovative ideas will be needed to meet the increasing demands for higher reliability and safety. 

Get the right tools to make the right decisions

We have worked with safety and know-how within the energy industry for decades. We help to analyze the lifetime of your equipment and to find the critical areas. We are able to detect errors and defects at an early stage with advanced NDT-testing services. We provide support with quality controls and in setting-up risk-based maintenance, modernization and investment plans. We have resources for even the biggest maintenance stoppages and our training services keep your knowledge on the cutting edge.

We know that you need to achieve safe operation and maximize availability to sustain profitability. With Kiwa Inspecta you will have the right tools for taking the right actions, at the right times.

Biovakka Image

The Cambi Process at Biovakka

Biovakka Suomi Oy in Turku, Finland, produces heat, electricity and fertilizer from sludge and waste. When building a new bio-waste plant, tremendous effort was made to make it an efficient and safe workplace. To ensure maximized uptime and biogas output, Biovakka chose the Cambi process for sludge treatment and Kiwa Inspecta for safety inspections.