We are now Kiwa Inspecta

We are now Kiwa Inspecta

Dear Customer,

As you may know, Inspecta has been a part of Kiwa since 2015. Kiwa is an international organization that combines the strengths of a large number of companies active in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). This family of Kiwa companies together forms a global Top 20 TIC organization with more than 4,600 experts operating in 50 countries.

Until now, we have offered our products and services under our own Inspecta brand name while Kiwa remained in the background. We will now change the brand to Kiwa Inspecta and adopt a new Kiwa corporate identity together with all Kiwa companies. Some of our companies are already well on the way towards Kiwa branding, some will adapt the new house style as of 6 Sep 2017. The legal company names will not change as a result of the re-branding. 

Our products, services and support will remain the same. You will be doing business with the same professionals and get value from the same expertise. Our prices and contracts will remain the same. Our being part of the global TIC organization will bring you even more benefits. Kiwa’s wide service portfolio encompasses all economic sectors. Many local and international customers will benefit from this change. Kiwa is a well-known brand in the global market and will grow even bigger with this change. 

Paul Hesselink

CEO, Kiwa

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Page created: 05 Sep 2017