Timo Okkonen has started as Inspecta’s leader - Inspecta

Timo Okkonen has started as Inspecta’s leader

Timo Okkonen started as Inspecta’s leader on 1st of April 2016. Inspecta now forms the Asset Health division of Kiwa Group (operating under the holding company ACTA*), covering operations in nine countries with more than 1600 people and annual revenues over 180 M€. Timo Okkonen holds the Executive Vice President position at Kiwa Group and acts also as Inspecta CEO.

“We welcome Timo as a new member of our executive council”, says Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa Group. “We have learned to know Timo as a visionary leader, well seasoned in field operations. We expect Timo to contribute to the development of not just Inspecta but also our whole group.”

Timo Okkonen joined Inspecta for more than ten years ago as development director, and after this, lead Finnish operations first as business unit manager and then as country manager. Timo Okkonen joined the group management two years ago as Chief Commercial Officer, and at the end of last year, he was nominated as Inspecta COO and as interim country manager at Inspecta Sweden. Timo Okkonen carries a PhD degree in nuclear safety and he lives in Helsinki, Finland.

“In fact, this is not such a tremendous change for myself”, says Timo Okkonen. “I will keep on focusing first on Sweden and Scandinavia, and gradually also on our other countries, not to mention expanding Inspecta’s operations into new countries. During the last five months, we have been visiting all local offices in Sweden. It has been wonderful to hear insights from our experts, helping us to steer Inspecta Sweden to the right direction. I look forward to getting a similar understanding of all our operations and to find the best way forward together with our customers.”

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