The Trust & Quality Book 2015

The Trust & Quality Book 2015

Inspecta’s Trust & Quality Book forms an annual report on what we do and how we do it. The new book, introduces Inspecta’s new strategy for up until 2020.

“We are calling our new strategy ‘Inspecta – the asset health company’. It outlines our operations in three main business areas: industrial assets, built environment and certified operations” writes Inspecta Group’s CEO Kari Aulasmaa in the published book.  

Inspecta has scanned its strengths, customers’ views and the market situation and overall outlook. There are great opportunities for the company to gain further market shares in all of our operating countries.

In the Trust & Quality Book 2015, you will find stories on how we are moving ahead on our growth track.

Read the new Trust and Quality Book 2015 from here. 

Page created: 20 Apr 2015