Inspecta Plays Big in Polish Power Plants

Inspecta Poland (EPTSiL) signed on June 9th 2015 a contract for NDT testing of two new boilers at the PGE Opole Power Plant. The Opole contract is Inspecta Poland’s second largest assignment in the Energy and Power sector.

The construction of two new units (no. 5 and no. 6) for hard coal is the biggest investment in conventional power plants in Europe at the moment. The total cost is 11.6 billion PLN (about 2.8 billion EUR). When ready they will produce together an estimated 1,800 MWs of power.

Construction works include:     Opole Power Plant Inspecta NDT

  • 65,000 tons of steel - the similar amount was used for the Empire State Building in New York.
  • 3,000 km of cables – the distance from Warsaw to Lisbon. 
  • 250,000 ton of concrete - enough to build a second Pentagon.

Inspecta’s work in the plant began after summer. Completion of works on Unit No.5 is planned for July 2018 and on Unit No. 6 for February 2019.

For more information visit the plant’s website: .

Inspecta is currently also the main NDT testing company for all works at ENEA Kozienice Power Plant construction of a new unit no. 11 - a 6.4 billion PLN investment (about 1.5 billion EUR) planned to produce 1,075 MW. In May 2015 the cooling tower reached its target height of 185 m, one of the highest cooling towers in Europe. Completion of the Kozienice investment is planned for the second half of 2017.


Page created: 01 Dec 2015