Unique database for pressure vessels captures all needed material data

Many different standards need to be known in order to manufacture or rebuild a pressure vessel. One needs to work with the latest standards harmonized with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED.

Database Matbas PED collects all material standards that are harmonized with PED. It incorporates the latest editions of the standards and is being updated every year.

- Matbas PED is unique. Nowhere else do you have all harmonized material standards of PED gathered in one place, says Jan Wåle, responsible for the Matbas PED in Inspecta Sweden.

- It gives you guidance on how the material questions should be handled in accordance with PED. It also helps you to keep track of what materials are accepted in accordance with PED and also to get access to all the material data required for the design of pressure vessels, says Wale.

Matbas PED materials database is being updated every year and contains all the material data needed to manufacture a pressure vessel:

  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical properties at room temperature
  • Strength values at elevated temperatures and creep strength values
  • Physical properties
  • Material grouping

Matbas PED is a tool for both pressure vessel manufacturers and users. Inspecta's own inspectors use the database on a daily basis when they review the design drawings and perform manufacturing inspections.

The new updated version of the Matbas PED now also consists harmonized standards that cover copper alloys, in addition to steel and cast iron.

Page created: 22 Sep 2014