Inspecta Finland’s Green Card Quality® Evaluation Grabbed Attention in China

Inspecta Finland has signed an agreement with the world's largest certification body China Quality Certification Centre (CQC). CQC wants to evaluate Chinese companies with Inspecta Certication’s Finnish evaluation methods.

Inspecta Certification’s way to implement globally unique evaluations for common suppliers in behalf of buyers raised the Chinese CQC’s (China Quality Certification Centre) interest last year. CQC and Inspecta have signed a contract and in the future Chinese sub-contractors will be audited in China according to Inspecta’s Green Card concept.

The Green Card concept is a "work permission policy" recognized by large, multinational corporations that measures the capability of sub-contractors and sets forth their strengths for large buyers.

The assessment is based on data sent in advance by the assessed supplier and an evaluation visit by a professional auditor. A detailed report is then written out which also acts as a "quality card" to the customer and other stakeholders. If there is room for improvement, corrective actions are required from the supplier.

Globally Unique

The quality of outsourcing significantly affects a company’s success. Kaj von Weissenberg, the head of Inspecta Finland’s supplier evaluation, sat down with large sized enterprises’ main suppliers nine years ago and asked them what kind of quality they wanted from their suppliers. A customer-oriented Green Card Quality Model was born from these aspirations.

The model is globally unique. Nowhere else has a common supplier criteria suitable for all buyers knowingly been able to be compiled. The recognition received for their fulfillment and marketability have encouraged hundreds of companies to take the road towards up-scale and smart production in Finland.

How will the Chinese Subcontractor Supervision Change?

Until now, buyers have had to send their experts to unknown cultures and language areas to determine the eligibility of suppliers. Rarely, professional auditors are found to make the evaluations. Interpreters translate what is asked for but most of the policies are left as guesswork. The cost of such site visits has been remarkable but the effectivity of them weak.

The new procedure makes the evaluations professional, reliable and inexpensive. "Inspecta reads each report and makes the possible certification decision in Finland. Documents will be submitted on our watermarked paper, and buyers transact in a protected web portal, where others do not have access to", von Weissenberg says.

Von Weissenberg has recently trained his Chinese colleagues for Green Card assessment and experience of cooperation with the CQC was excellent. According to von Weissenberg it can easily be said that Finnish evaluation and networking skills are clearly becoming an export product. "We can guarantee Finns buyers that the information needed about suppliers’ eligibility is examined in a reliable manner. We rely on local, professional auditors, who we ourselves have trained and qualified. Subscribers rely on us.

Finland’s national public-broadcasting company YLE interviewed Weissenberg about Inspecta’s quality assessment exportation in their news story about the growing share of services in Finland’s exportations. 

Page created: 17 Apr 2014