Inspecta widens its service scope for the real estate sector by acquiring Kiratek

Inspecta Oy, Finland, acquires the real estate and structural consulting business of Kiratek Oy. The business transfer occurs on May 7, 2014. With this acquisition, Inspecta Oy widens its service scope in the real estate, construction and infra branches.

Kiratek Oy is focused on condition survey and construction supervision services as well as building health studies including laboratory services. Kiratek Oy has 40 experts altogether working in its headquarters in Oulu and other offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Rovaniemi and Kajaani.

”We see Kiratek’s competence as the foundation for becoming the market leader in technical surveys and inspections within the real estate and infra sectors and structural surveys in general”, Inspecta’s chief commercial officer Timo Okkonen outlines.

By joining their forces, Inspecta and Kiratek can offer a wider service scope and geographical coverage for the present and new customers. ”Our services match nicely together. It is great to continue growing as part of Inspecta that is well known in the real estate sector throughout the market”, Kiratek’s managing director Timo Lauri describes.


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