Inspecta Estonia Now Does Testing According to EN 1191

The testing of resistance to repeated opening and closing of doors according to standard EN 1191 is now carried out in the Notified Laboratory of Inspecta Estonia.

In the European market  manufacturers  are required to put more emphasis on developing and improving their products like repeatedly opening and closing doors . According to EU’s Regulation no 305 manufacturers have to verify the conformity of essential characteristics of production  to given  performance criteria and intended use. Type testing  is performed in a notified testing laboratory.

The resistance to repeated opening and closing of doors has to be made according to standard  EN 1191. Inspecta Estonia can offer this service in its Notified  Laboratory that is accredited according to ISO/IC 17025 requirements. Inspecta Estonia’s testing laboratory carries accreditation No L034 and has registered in Europen Notified Body (NANDO) register under No 1336.

Test specimens

The test specimens include single leaf pivoted doorsets. These shall be right-handed and opening /closing  by the aid of doorhandle or self-closing by mechanical powers of closure.

Dimensions of specimen:

  • 800-1200 mm x 2000 x 2400 mm (W x H);
  • Mass of the doorleaf is until 200 Kg.

Test results

The test results are utilized for declaring performance criteria for different door types:

-       Fire resistant doors: the self-closing performance criteria C0 until C5 (standard EN 13501-2, subsection 5.2.6)

-       Pedestrian doorsets the performance criteria  of resistance to repeated opening and closing  (product standard EN 14351-1, subsection 4.2.1).

In March 2015 Inspecta Estonia OÜ will start performing smoke control testing for doors and shutters according to EN 1634-3.

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Page created: 17 Nov 2014