Edgars Bertuks aims for gold with Inspecta’s support

When Latvian orienteering sport professional Edgars Bertuks started his career as a full-time athlete, most people thought he had gone crazy. These voices disappeared when he surprisingly won his first gold in world championships 2012.

Edgars Bertuks was born on 1.1.1985 in Eastern Latvia and has been into sports as long as he can remember. However, orienteering was not his cup of tea from the beginning. “When I first tried orienteering at the age of seven IEdgars Bertuks Inspecta didn’t like it. It was a bit frightening to be alone in the woods. I did all kind of sports and I trained basketball very seriously until I was 17 years old”, Edgars tells. “When I was 16 I participated in Riga City Champions in orienteering and won the silver medal. It was then I first really started to train this sport.”

In 2006 Bertuks participated in his first World Championships in Denmark and has been doing so ever since. “I worked full-time and trained at the same time. After couple of years I started to think. What if I would really invest in orienteering, how far would I get? I wanted to find out where I can take myself and started looking for sponsorships.”

Breaking the boundaries

Inspecta was one of the first companies to sponsor Edgars’ journey to a professional athlete. After getting the deal Bertuks quit his full-time job and started, as he states, to live his dream. “I believed in myself. Yet to almost everyone’s surprise I won world champion gold only 6 months after the big decision in the beginning of 2012. Suddenly also the voices wondering about my choice disappeared”, he tells.

In world championships 2013 in Finland his success continued with a bronze. “The first medal has been the peak of my career so far. Still I value this year’s success very high. Winning the bronze confirmed – most importantly to myself – that my success wasn’t just a one-time shot”, he summarizes.

What’s up next then? Edgars Bertuks tells he is aiming for a long-distance gold in 2014. “After this year’s performance I know for sure I am capable of winning and am now more motivated than ever before. I want to do my best, but also learn from my experiences: to learn so that I can do even better again and again.”

The co-operation between Edgars Bertuks and Inspecta continues also in 2014. “I am really happy that I now can really test and use my potential as human being. Inspecta opened the door to try this out.”

Text: Hanna Harjula
Photo: Edgars Bertuks

Page created: 28 Oct 2013