Cooperation between Inspecta Latvia and Ramirent involves inspection and training

Inspecta Latvia started its negotiations with Ramirent Baltic, Latvia branch in November 2012. Already in the beginning of 2013 Inspecta Latvia signed a contract with Ramirent for inspection of the entire park of dangerous equipment at the possession thereof, and starting from April the cooperation has broadened to delivery of common training programmes to other clients.

Ramirent Baltic is one of the leading companies dealing with rental of construction and lifting equipment in the Baltic countries. One of the core values of the Ramirent is safety and quality which coincides with Inspecta values – trust and quality. So, after initial negotiations with the presence of Inspecta CEO Kari Aulasmaa about the possible future cooperation, Inspecta Latvia signed in the beginning of 2013 a permanent contract with Ramirent Baltic, Latvia branch for inspection of all lifting equipment, aroundCooperation between Inspecta Latvia and Ramirent 300 units a year.

The outlets of Ramirent Baltic are located in all parts of Latvia and Inspecta Latvia serves all of them. The inspection of equipment also includes informing the responsible person on regular basis about any incompliances and problems stated in order the client can prepare the plan for timely repair and maintenance works.

Besides inspection of equipment, another important aspect of cooperation with Ramirent is exchange of experience in terms of technical details of equipment and familiarization with latest regulatory changes for both parties - the personnel of Ramirent as well as Inspecta Latvia. Successful cooperation has led to preparation and delivery of common training programmes through Inspecta Academy where Inspecta Latvia is responsible for the theoretical and Ramirent for the practical part of the training. And, without doubt, everybody wins from this kind of cooperation – we, our partners and clients.

As to the future, Inspecta Latvia has started to develop cross-border cooperation with Ramirent Baltic in Lithuania and Estonia in terms of common standards for inspection in all three countries. Our objective is to inspect the equipment in Latvia, which is also valid for Lithuania and Estonia. And in the future we would like to serve all clients located in all Baltic countries with common standards.

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Page created: 13 May 2013