Inspecta expands to Denmark by buying Jebru Inspektion A/S

Inspecta Holding Denmark A/S has 5.3.2010 acquired 100 % of the shares of Jebru Inspektion A/S. Jebru is a Danish company that has focused on inspection of pressure equipment and lifts. Jebru Inspektion has grown quickly and become the biggest private owned company in its branch. The company has 28 employees and its annual turnover is 19 MDKK. Jebru Inspektion has its main office in Nørre Nebel in Jylland and 6 offices around Denmark.

“Today’s acquisition strengthens Inspecta’s position in the Nordic by being our first foothold within the Danish market. Together with other Inspecta companies Jebru Inspektion is now able to serve its clients even better by new services and resources”, says director Simo Hassi from Inspecta Group. In the future Inspecta is looking forward to offer a wide supply of services in inspection, testing and certification for Danish industries.

Inspecta Holding Denmark A/S belongs to Inspecta Group, which has in total 52 offices and more than 1250 employees. Inspecta supplies a large variety of testing, inspection and certification services in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia and Estonia. Inspecta’s goal is to create safety, trust and environmental sustainability in Northern Europe.

Inspecta has grown strongly in recent years both organically and through acquisitions. The unique competitiveness together with long experience has made Inspecta the market leader in the Nordic countries. This position is further strengthened by the acquisition of Jebru Inspektion A/S.

For more information, please contact:
Jens Bruun
Managing Director, Jebru Inspektion A/S
Phone: +45 4036 4659

Simo Hassi
Director for International Business Development, Inspecta Group Oy
Phone: +358 50 2255

Page created: 08 Mar 2010