Inspecta broadens service offer now also in Lithuania

Inspecta operates now also in Lithuania. Operations in Lithuania began in June 2010. Now the Lithuanian daughter company Inspecta UAB offers the widest accredited inspection and certification service offer in Lithuania.

In October Inspecta UAB received accreditation by the National Accreditation Bureau for inspection of the technical condition of safety-critical equipment and assessment of conformity of elevators.

Mantas Andriuškevičius, managing director of Inspecta UAB, says: “Currently Inspecta UAB is the only inspection and certification company in Lithuania which is able to offer such a wide range of services. The majority of our customers are production, machinery maintenance and installation companies, which means that they need services including inspection of technical condition of equipment, assessment of conformity, certification of staff, certification of products and certification of product quality.” Since June experts with many years of experience have been employed in the company.

Today the absolute majority of Lithuanian companies procure the needed services separately from different inspection and/or certification companies. “Inspection companies either do not provide certification services or provide only a highly limited range, while certification companies do not provide the services of inspection of equipment”, Mantas Andriuškevičius explains. In addition to the widest service offer, Inspecta UAB is also the first company in Lithuania which belongs to Inspecta Group.

For further information please contact:

Mantas Andriuškevičius
Managing Director
Inspecta UAB
+370 15 17558

Simo Hassi
Director, International Business Development
Inspecta Group
+358 50 2255

Page created: 02 Nov 2010