E-mail addresses changed in Finland, Estonia and Latvia

E-mail addresses have been changed to .com-format for co-workers in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. New addresses are effective as of 1st of November 2010. The change will help to contact Inspecta and after the change all Inspecta e-mails will be in the same format.

In practice, the change means that all outgoing Inspecta e-mails will in firstname.lastname@inspecta.com format.

However, Finnish, Latvian and Estonian employees are still able to receive all e-mails sent to the earlier addresses firstname.lastname@inspecta.fi, firstname.lastname@inspecta.lv or firstname.lastname@inspecta.ee.

No e-mail will disappear, and both email addresses will run in parallel for at least 12 months.

Page created: 01 Nov 2010