Inspecta buys Minic Test & Inspeksjon AS

Inspecta Holding Norway AS has 8.7.2009 acquired 100 % of shares in Minic Test & Inspeksjon AS. Minic is a Norwegian company that provides NDT services (Non Destructive Testing) in Middle Norway on Mosjøen and Sandnessjøen area. The company has 12 employees and its annual turnover is 13 MNOK.

Inspecta Group has previously acquired two companies in Norway. These companies (Norsk Kjelkontroll AS and Øst-Tech AS) have five offices in Southern Norway, where they offer services to the local industries as well as to the production of oil and energy. “Minic Test & Inspeksjon AS complements well our current operations in Norway. Thanks to the acquisition we can offer our services also in Middle Norway”, says director Simo Hassi from Inspecta Group. Inspecta companies have a strong knowledge in the Nordic markets, which helps the Norwegian subsidiaries to serve their customers even better by new services and resources. In the future Inspecta is looking forward to develop and offer a wide scope of testing, inspection and certification services for Norwegian industries.

Inspecta Holding Norway AS belongs to Inspecta Group, which has in total 62 offices and more than 1200 employees in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia and Estonia. Inspecta’s goal is to bring safety, trust and environmental sustainability to Northern Europe by offering a broad selection of testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services for industries.

Inspecta has grown strongly in recent years, especially on the markets where technical inspection has become open for service companies. The acquisition of Minic Test & Inspeksjon AS strengthens the already strong position of Inspecta Group in the Nordic area.

For more information, please contact:

Simo Hassi
Director for International Business Development, Inspecta Group
Phone: +358 50 2255

Øystein Ferstad
Country Manager, Inspecta Norway
Phone: +47 691 01710

Page created: 11 Aug 2009