Inspecta expands to Norway by buying Norsk Kjelkontroll

Inspecta has 1.12. acquired 100 % of the shares of Norsk Kjelkontroll AS. Norsk Kjelkontroll is a Norwegian company that has focused on inspection of pressure equipment. By acquiring Norsk Kjelkontroll Inspecta expands to Norway and strengthens its positi

Norsk Kjelkontroll has 10 employees and its annual turnover is 10,5 MNOK. The company’s main office is located in Kristiansand in Southern Norway, but its inspectors serve industrial clients in the whole country. Now after the merge there are plans to widen the office network.

Norsk Kjelkontroll has strong experience and high knowledge in the pressure equipment business. Thereby the company fits very well into the growing Inspecta Group. In Norway we first concentrate on the inspection of pressure equipment, but later on we also aim to offer other testing, inspection and certification services for Norwegian industries. Together Inspecta and Norsk Kjelkontroll will be able to serve its clients in the Nordic countries even better by new and strengthened resources.

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Page created: 03 Dec 2008