Our expertise and experience are available for you and your business. We arrange training courses to strengthen your knowledge and for you and your team to be better prepared to meet new challenges.

Sharing knowledge

Kiwa Inspecta Academy efficiently supports you to develop your operations and to respond to the demands of your industry.

We help you to understand and fulfil legal requirements and continuously develop and improve safety, efficiency and quality in your operations, products and services.

Helping you to succeed

Kiwa Inspecta has over 30 years of experience and deep knowledge from working with industries in Northern Europe. Kiwa Inspecta is also an experienced training provider who can help you achieve your goals. Our training is based on Kiwa Inspecta’s wide service offer, varying from occupational health and safety to pressurized equipment directives.

All our trainers have in-depth experience within their area of expertise.

They are also able to turn their knowledge into understandable and interesting information that includes a variety of practical examples you can apply in your own environment.

You can access our knowledge in many different ways. We offer seminars, courses and tailor-made training to suit your needs.

Expand your network

Seminars and training provide an opportunity to meet and interact with peers from other industries and organisations. Each year, Kiwa Inspecta Academy trains about 10,000 professionals and arranges over 1,000 training opportunities.

Participants testify that attending is one of the best ways to expand their network and share thoughts with people from other businesses, as well an excellent way to keep up to date with trends and new requirements.

Our experience and knowledge are at your service.