DDA - Digital X-ray with Digital Detector Array

DDA - Digital X-ray with Digital Detector Array

Kiwa Inspecta has taken the development of digital radiography one step further. Using Digital Detector Array it is now possible to digitally x-ray your equipment during your normal everyday operations.

We perform digital radiography with a digital panel that sends the X-ray image to a computer where the test engineer is able to immediately evaluate the results. Our test engineer assesses the X-ray film and measures the various defects using special software. We reinforce and highlight different parts of the x-rayed equipment to examine any possible defects in more detail.

Kiwa Inspecta uses different radiation sources depending on the material being tested. A traditional X-ray tube is adequate for most materials. We use a battery-powered pulse X-ray tube for thinner goods with low density, such as plastic. For very thick materials, or materials with a high density, we use isotopes. The digital panel requires less radiation than traditional X-ray film.

Using digital X-rays with Digital Detector Array - DDA it is possible to X-ray through insulation and during your operations. You no longer need to shut down your plant to find out the condition and status of your equipment.

Benefits of digital radiography with Digital Detector Array - DDA

  • Testing during your daily operations
  • Testing through insulation
  • Testing of various materials such as plastics and composites, wood, aluminium, steel and concrete
  • Testing of components of varying thickness and material
  • Time saving and cost effective
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional X-ray film