Thickness measurement of tanks and cisterns using Lizzard

The Lizzard ultrasound scanner is used for measuring the thickness of walls in tanks and cisterns.

As it can climb along the walls of your tanks and cisterns, scaffolding is not required in order to use it. This saves you time and money when having your plant inspected. With spring-loaded magnetic wheels, Kiwa Inspecta’s Lizzard can even handle tank walls with lap joints and rivets. The scanner has an optical encoder in order to make precise position determinations. It is highly manoeuvrable and can be rotated 180° on its own axis.

Kiwa Inspecta’s Lizzard scanner can also be fitted with a video camera for visual inspection.

Benefits of thickness measurement of tanks and cisterns using Lizzard

  • Scaffolding is not required to measure the thickness high up on the tank wall.
  • A scanned measurement line from bottom to top of the tank wall is possible
  • Kiwa Inspecta stores all data for analysis, evaluation and supplies you with a detailed report