Testing of Turbines

Testing of Turbines

Unscheduled plant stoppages always result in loss of profitability, whether caused by technical problems or human factors. All types of turbines play a critical part in the process, and therefore it is important to keep them running and in good condition as long as possible. Also safety is a major concern that can be improved by finding defects in time, before they cause you problems.

Kiwa Inspecta’s services help you to face these challenges as we help to find, classify and size flaws. Our long experience of testing gas and steam turbines helps to ensure high usability. For example, creep cracking, corrosion and thermal fatigue threaten the turbine rotors and blade root fixings, which can eventually lead to loss of blades, balance holes and changes of section, brittle fractures or other substantial consequential damage to the turbine.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an answer to extend the lifetime of a turbine, as the information we collect serves as a basis for making the right maintenance or modernization decisions at the right time. NDT of a turbine or its components is typically specified for three different purposes: within the different phases of manufacturing or repairs, for quality control of new or re-conditioned components, or for in-service assessment on the run, repair or replace decisions. The majority of the inspections apply visual and surface techniques, but we also use advanced methods to indicate the flaw depths and assess the condition of all part in the turbine.

Kiwa Inspecta uses the latest methods and techniques for your benefit. We help you to plan ahead, have inspections when it is suitable for you, make upgrades cost-efficiently and use turbines safely for the next usage period, after which a new assessment can be made. Kiwa Inspecta’s area of expertise also covers a wide range of other services for turbines, such as vibration measurements, constant and online monitoring with remote diagnostics as well as surveillance of tension. We also act as a third party in situations where impartiality is needed together with high quality expertise − e.g. assessing damages to turbines or how well the improvement work succeeded.

Benefits of Testing of Turbines

  • More profitability through minimized unscheduled plant stoppages
  • High usability and maximum process uptime
  • Enhances proactive maintenance that is targeted correctly
  • Helps you to make the right repair and replacement decisions
  • Well-planned and cost-effective stoppages
  • Ensures safety of the turbines
  • Reliable condition assessments for all parts in the turbine, even the inner parts