Testing of Process Vessels

Testing of Process Vessels

Process vessels are one of the key players in keeping your operation online; malfunctions in them can cause expensive unplanned stoppages. High pressurized process vessels are also highly safety-critical, which makes preventive maintenance and condition monitoring especially important.

In the worst possible case a violent eruption of the pressurized contents could be a huge risk both for your people and the environment. Kiwa Inspecta has the tools and the knowledge to detect wear, cracks and corrosion reliably in all your process vessel components.

All process vessels have a limited lifespan, and the biggest challenge to them is wear and tear due to heat, chemicals, pressure and the way the vessel is operated. In all cases it is important to find defects early. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services gather valuable information about the condition of the vessel. This information serves as a basis for you in making the right maintenance or modernization decisions at the right time.

Some of our NDT inspections can be carried out during in-service, which allows process continuity while inspections are made. Kiwa Inspecta is the Nordic leader in applying new methods and technologies, and we are also constantly developing new applications for in-service monitoring. A major part of our service is product development, which is done in close co-operation with our customers.

The biggest advantages can be reached by creating preventive and risk-based maintenance plans for the future − here inspection information is one of the keys to optimized assets and taking the right action that suit your facilities and processes. With Kiwa Inspecta’s help, you can plan ahead, make upgrade decisions and work cost efficiently while using the process vessel safely for the next usage period after which a new assessment can be made. We can also provide quality assurance during construction or modernization phases according to related standards.

Benefits of Testing of Process Vessels

  • Minimizes your stoppages and downtime, increases profitability
  • Recognized problems before they lead to leaks or accidents
  • Protects the environment
  • Ensures rolling process
  • Promotes safety