Testing of Generators

Testing of Generators

Unscheduled plant stoppages, whether caused by technical or human factors, result in loss of profitability. Generators and components that have reached end-of life status cannot continue safe and reliable operation − preventive maintenance actions and well-thought out asset management are keys to productive uptime and safety for people and the environment.

Kiwa Inspecta offers a wide variety of services that help to manage and optimize the lifecycle of your rotating machinery. Generator objects like shafts, retaining rings or casings; all can have different damage and ‘wear and tear’ to mechanisms which need to be taken into account. Large rotating machinery is also subjected to many kinds of vibration resulting from mechanical, electric or hydraulic problems. When the origin of the vibration is detected it is important to eliminate it.

In all cases it is important for you to assess each machine’s health and identify emerging problems before damage or accidents occur. Here Kiwa Inspecta’s NDT (non-destructive testing) and condition monitoring services are needed. Defects can be reliably detected with our advanced NDT methods, such as advanced ultrasonic or eddy current sampling. Most condition monitoring challenges can be beaten when NDT inspections and vibration monitoring are combined into a permanent, cost-effective solution. Kiwa Inspecta is constantly developing new applications for in-service monitoring in order to support our customers’ decision-making with the most accurate information on damaged mechanisms.

Together with our customers we can plan the best ways to carry out inspections and modernization cost-efficiently. With accurate information from inspections, careful planning and project management we help to target maintenance action at the right time. Most advantages can be gained in close co-operation with our inspectors, technical consultants and you, the customer. Together we can, for example, design and build preventive and risk-based maintenance and inspection plans for the future.

Benefits of Testing of Generators

  • Increases availability and reliability
  • Increases profitability by less unplanned downtime and minimal interruptions
  • Enhances safety
  • Gives you accurate information for maintenance plans and actions
  • Evaluates the condition of your generator and its components, identifies most critical parts
  • Helps you to manage assets more efficiently
  • Prevents accidents that can harm people and the environment