Kiwa Inspecta offers you TSCAN, which is a complete system for continuous thickness scanning of magnetic materials. It is specially designed for boiler tubes.

TSCAN can also be used on other types of tubes and even flat surfaces with a nominal thickness of under 12 mm. The results of a TSCAN inspection are presented with an easy to understand overview, C-scan, with colors and thickness values. If all four walls of a boiler are scanned it is possible to create a rotatable 3D image of the boiler.

The high repeatability makes the system perfect for recurrent scanning with the possibility of comparing measurements over time and getting a corrosion rate estimate. Kiwa Inspecta’s specialists use TSCAN whenever our clients need to really know the condition of their facility’s systems. You can be assured that our results are clear, easy to understand and very accurate.

Benefits of using TSCAN 

  • Eliminates the risk of local thinning between manual UT measure points.
  • Low demand on surface conditions; no grinding is necessary.
  • All data is stored and saved for future inspections and measurement comparison.
  • Easy to understand documentation software with changeable settings to get a personal view.
  • Scanning prior to a planned tube change to get the right extent of tubes to change can save you a lot of money, since the extent of tubes requiring changing is often exaggerated due to measurement uncertainty from a manual measurement.