Testing of Storage Tanks

Testing of Storage Tanks

Storage tanks and their components face several challenges in your process environment: Contents of the tank, weather or operating conditions can lead to leakages that harm both people and the environment. Blocked vents and drains, defective stairways, breached bunt walls and such can turn into safety risks. Possible deterioration causes problems. To keep the container intact and to take the right maintenance action at the right time requires in-depth expertise and accurate information from regular inspections. Here Kiwa Inspecta can help you.

Kiwa Inspecta’s service package provides you with a broad range of information about the condition of your tank. During an inspection the tank and its ancillaries is examined to detect any signs of deterioration or defects such as wear and tear, cracks and corrosion. This can be done simply, cost-efficiently, illustratively and reliably with our advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) services.

We can, for example, map the tank floor with the LFET Floorscan method, which produces a visual map of the condition of the floor plates. For corrosion mapping of the shell plates we can use an ultrasonic crawler. Connecting pipes can be easily scanned with long range ultrasonic testing method. Inspections can be done in-service or out-of-service, depending on what needs to be done.

Kiwa Inspecta uses the latest methods and techniques for your benefit so that you can plan ahead, have inspections when it is suitable for you, target the maintenance action required and use the facility safely for the next usage period. In addition to the currently used latest techniques, we are constantly doing product development with input from our customers. According to each customers’ needs, we also plan the best ways and times to do the inspections and modernisation − to minimize delays in your process and other functions.

Kiwa Inspecta’s area of expertise covers also a wide range of other services for tanks. We can, e.g. determine the volume of the tank with a 3D laser measurement system. Most advantages can be gained in close co-operation with our inspectors, technical consultants and you, the customer. Together we make calculations concerning the operating condition of the tank and produce preventive and risk-based maintenance and inspection plans for the future.

Benefits of Testing of Storage Tanks

  • Assesses the condition of the whole tank from top to floor with all ancillaries
  • Prevents leakages and accidents
  • Protects the environments
  • Enhances safety
  • Maximizes your process uptime and profitability
  • Helps you to take right maintenance action at the right time
  • Advanced testing methods enable in-service inspections; minimize the need of building scaffolds etc.