Testing - Inspecta


To protect your daily operations, errors and defects need to be detected early. For example, you need be certain about the properties of a material or that the quality of a weld is good enough to withstand extreme pressure. Kiwa Inspecta has the knowledge to make the necessary recommendations to ensure high quality maintenance, deliveries and installations.

Kiwa Inspecta offers leading expert services in both non-destructive and destructive testing ranging from ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection to hardness testing. We use advanced methods to reveal hidden defects and highly skilled personnel in interpreting the results. We also have the know-how and the equipment for measuring and calibrating pressure, heat, volume or flow. Regardless of your test object or its purpose, we know which testing methods suit you best, give the most accurate results and how to analyze them.

Leading the development in northern Europe

To meet our customers’ needs and face future challenges we do lot of research in close cooperation with our customers. Our deep knowledge, for example, in computer-based radiography or long range ultrasonic methods, enables us to develop new advanced services. In the area of NDT, Kiwa Inspecta leads the development in northern Europe.