Ventilation Condition Survey

Ventilation Condition Survey

Functioning ventilation is a prerequisite for fresh and healthy indoor air. All ventilation systems need to be maintained continuously. With a ventilation condition survey it’s possible for you to clarify the repair needs and methods, optimise repair timing and repair or renewal costs and further survey the future needs of the ventilation system in your building.

Kiwa Inspecta’s survey exposes the technical condition and functionality of the ventilation, possible problems and their scope; inspection reliably guaranteed both by measuring and sensorial ways. Our experts have executed ventilation and air-condition system condition surveys to all kinds of real estate from residential buildings to warehouses, day care centers, schools, industry buildings, spas and swimming halls, amongst others.

We can offer our clients over 30 years of experience in designing, installation, measurement, condition surveys as well as indoor air quality problems and risk examination of ventilation systems. Kiwa Inspecta’s expertise also covers the building automation controlling ventilation and air-condition systems.


  • Ensures fresh and healthy indoor air
  • Ensures that the temperature is at a designed level and that quality of indoor air stays good
  • Supports you in planning critical, as well as long-term, repairs and maintenance