Structural Condition Survey

Structural Condition Survey

Our structural condition survey investigates the condition of a certain structural part of your building, any damage and suggests applicable repair methods. The surveys can be carried out on, for example, concrete structures, sanitary cabins and bathrooms, structural dampness damage and detrimental elements. With the help of the survey results you have the information to decide the right time for, and the best repair method options, your property.

In the structural condition surveys Kiwa Inspecta examines the state of your real estate’s structures, any damage and the possible causes of such damage. As an outcome you will receive a clear report covering, amongst other things, the repairs needed, repair method options and urgency for repairs to your building. 

As research methods we use visual estimations, structure openings and samples as well as indoor air and material samples. Our experts always carry out the surveys with care, accountability and professionalism. Kiwa Inspecta’s clients rely on structural condition surveys as a part of reasonable repair need planning and to assist in justified decision making.


  • Prevents possible subsidiary damages and costs
  • Brings you an important tool for systematic maintenance
  • Helps you to manage the lifecycle of your real estate
  • Guarantees good indoor air quality
  • Supports you in planning critical, as well as long-term, repairs