Strategic Real Estate Survey

Strategic Real Estate Survey

To manage several or larger real estate properties is not an easy task: you need to have strategies and sometimes make hard decisions on what to keep, what to develop, what to sell or demolish. Making these decisions it’s not only about your real estate’s condition but also about business profitability during the coming years.

Kiwa Inspecta’s strategic real estate survey has been developed especially for commercial and industrial buildings. In the survey we investigate the condition, repair needs and future repair costs as well as the energy saving possibilities, safety defects and development possibilities. All this helps you to take the right action at the right time and on the right area of your property.

Risk management is always an important part of our work. It is important to assess risks carefully when making major decisions about the planning of construction and repair projects or when selecting a new system. Along with strategic real estate surveys we also carry out safety analyses.


  • Helps you to generate successful real estate strategies: what to keep, develop, sell or demolish
  • Investigates condition, repair needs and future costs 
  • Helps to find energy saving possibilities
  • Improves safety by finding defects and development possibilities