Repair Need Investigation

Repair Need Investigation

A lot can happen to your real estate in a year. To estimate future needs, problems and to maintain your building professionally requires updated information. Therefore a repair need investigation by an expert is recommended at least every other year.

Repair need investigation is a survey of the repair needs of a property for the next five years. A repair need investigation by Kiwa Inspecta is made in cooperation with structural, HPAC, building automation and electrical engineering experts. The assessments are always led by a qualified condition assessor or an energy auditor.

The investigation leads to a maintenance plan or program made out by our experts. This assures that the repairs and renewals you need are made at the right time, which, for example, helps you to keep the costs even throughout the whole life cycle of the real estate.

It is possible to sign a continuing fixed service contract, which means that our experts arrive to carry the investigation out at contracted time periods without a separate order. A more comprehensive investigation, a condition assessment, should be carried out every five years.


  • Investigates risks, condition and repair needs
  • Supports you in maintenance − planning ahead, making decisions and budgeting on a longer time period
  • Saves you money by taking the right action at the right time, “not too soon but before it’s too late”