Quality Evaluation of Operation and Maintenance

Quality Evaluation of Operation and Maintenance

For all real estate owners it is essential to keep up the value of your property and ensure its’ functionality, safety and conformity to all current regulations. To achieve this, your property needs to be used and maintained in the right way. This can be assured by professionally evaluating the quality of your building’s operation and maintenance.

Here Kiwa Inspecta’s experts can help: they can carry out an evaluation, in which, e.g. the repair history and the content of maintenance plans and actions are examined. The purpose of our evaluation service is to support you, the real estate owner, to keep the property in good condition throughout its whole life cycle − in this, the right operation and maintenance plays one of the key roles.

Our service can be customized to each client’s needs, and it can cover the whole real estate or only parts of it. As a result of the evaluation we will provide a detailed report, which describes the quality of the use and maintenance.


  • Keeps up your real estate’s value
  • Helps you to plan and execute the right maintenance actions at the right time
  • Gives you the tools to improve the management of the building

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