Pipeline Condition Survey

Pipeline Condition Survey

Pipeline condition surveys examine the condition and remaining operational lifetime of pipelines in all types of buildings. Carrying out a survey enables you to anticipate future repair needs and avoid unexpected leaks, pipe breakages and unnecessary usage interruptions.

Kiwa Inspecta carries out condition surveys for all types of pipelines; water pipes, plumbing, sewage and heating systems among others. In addition to traditional renovation methods we examine the possibilities of using so called alternative methods too. In an unlucky case of liquid escaping, we can also localize leakages in the pipes.

Commonly used research methods include x-ray examinations and video scanning of the inner surfaces of the pipes. Both the technical and functional condition of the pipelines is examined. Ultrasonic testing can be used to measure the wall thickness of containers and large pipes. Damage studies for their part can be carried out by taking samples or by liquid analyses. In addition we have knowledge, methods and equipment to survey the structural condition of plastic drains. Our survey equipment represents the latest technologies in use.

Kiwa Inspecta’s condition surveys are carried out by experienced experts who can impartially investigate the condition, repair procedure options, renewal time, repair costs and leak risks in the pipeline systems. The condition survey is lead by consultants who have the required qualifications for water, sewage and heating systems. Our experience in pipeline condition surveys goes back over 20 years.


  • Assesses condition of the pipeline, identifies risks
  • Enables you to take right repair actions at the right time
  • Helps to avoid leakages, breakages and interruptions
  • Localizes leakages