Maintenance Manual

Maintenance Manual

Maintenance Manual is an excellent way to systematize and plan the maintenance of your property − so that it’s done in a well-organized manner on a regular basis. The maintenance manual creates a foundation for real estate care, maintenance agreements and tendering services. In addition, the use of a maintenance manual supports the supervision of the care and maintenance work, quality control as well as, naturally, the maintenance work itself.

Kiwa Inspecta’s experts support real estate owners by writing maintenance manuals for different kinds of buildings. The maintenance manual is written using the material provided by the client and following the procedures that are in use. The electronic e-Manuals we write either with the application used by the client or utilizing our own browser-based maintenance program.

Maintenance manual is most profitably created in accordance with our condition assessment. As a result, the maintenance manual helps to prolong the lifetime of the structure, systems and equipment in the property. In addition, it decreases harmful interruptions in operations and enables executing repair procedures and actions controllably, at the right time. With the help of Kiwa Inspecta’s maintenance manual the condition and the value of your real estate can be preserved with optimized up-keeping costs. 


  • Helps you to control and manage the maintenance of a building
  • Ensures carefully planned maintenance and repairs
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the structure, systems and equipment
  • Decreases harmful interruptions in use and building occupation
  • Documents the maintenance actions

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