Environmental Impact Estimation

Environmental Impact Estimation

Many different building classifications exist, of which probably the best known is LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It is an internationally recognized building certification system, according to which the environmental quality of construction techniques, construction design and the use and maintenance of buildings can be evaluated.

LEED certified buildings use construction materials and resources (energy, water etc.) more efficiently, use less energy and aim at developing healthier working environments than buildings built following normal building codes.  

Kiwa Inspecta conducts estimates and consultation of environmental impacts as stated in the international LEED as well as following Finnish Promise classifications. Our service offer covers LEED related consulting all the way from a mere idea to obtaining the actual certificate. In Finland, Kiwa Inspecta is a founding member of the local green building association, Green Building Council Finland.


  • Provides third-party verification of the environmental impacts of your project
  • Improves performance in energy saving, water efficiency, improved indoor air quality etc.
  • Provides a framework for practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions
  • Adds to your building’s business value

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