Indoor Air Quality Survey

Indoor Air Quality Survey

The condition and quality of your building’s indoor air is crucially important because it has a direct impact on the health of the building’s users. When you want to be sure that your property’s interior air is of good quality, an indoor air quality survey is in order.

In the survey we examine the functioning of air conditioning, the quality and amount of contaminants in the air as well as the condition and physical behavior of structures and surfaces that affect the indoor air quality. Kiwa Inspecta’s experts use both sensorial ways and high caliber measuring devices to determine the air’s condition. When necessary, air and material samples are taken and analyzed in a laboratory.

A thorough indoor air quality survey is commonly set into action with a survey plan drawn up by our experts. They also help in resolving one-off cases or problems that can occur, for example, when odor or health inconveniences are experienced in your real estate premises by its users. As a result of the survey we present you with a report outlining the required repair procedures and their costs.


  • Ensures well-being and health of your building’s users
  • Increases work performance − effects of good indoor air quality have been proven by scientists
  • Serves as a basis for planning and maintenance, both for critical actions as well as long term repair needs