Construction Site Supervision and Quality Control

Construction Site Supervision and Quality Control

Building repair projects require professional supervision to ensure that the repair work is executed with a high level of quality and matches all agreed plans. Kiwa Inspecta’s experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in diverse building repair projects. With our help you can ensure that the goals of the project are reached.

The skillful supervision of a building repair project requires vast knowledge: knowledge of building parts and systems, of building practices and methods in different areas as well as of the usability of current building practices and methods. Furthermore, being aware of prices and cost levels and broad social skills are prerequisites for successful project management. Kiwa Inspecta has experts that have mastered these and, in addition, listen to their clients’ needs.

Our construction site supervision services can be complemented with comprehensive quality control services. This guarantees that the materials used, all equipment and systems are of good quality, function well and conform to the standards. These can include, for example, HVAC systems, electrical equipment or building structures. Our supervisors can also act as safety coordinators for the project − to make sure the site is a safe working place for everyone


  • Helps to reach project goals
  • Supervises that construction projects are executed properly
  • Ensures quality, functioning and standard conformity of materials, equipment and systems
  • Enhances safety on the site
  • Makes sure that regulations are followed

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