Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

High-quality maintenance of a building is not easy, but it pays off: it can extend the lifecycle of a property, save money and the environment. Condition assessment is a property owner’s basic tool for the technical and economical maintenance of real estate. It is a comprehensive and reliable investigation of risks, condition and repair needs of building structures and systems during the next 10 years.

The condition assessment is made in cooperation with our structural, HPAC, building automation and electrical engineering experts. The assessment is always led by a qualified condition assessor and/ or energy auditor. As a result of the assessment you will receive a maintenance plan for the real estate (10-year long-term plan), suggestions for procedures to save energy consumption and a list of immediately required repairs, maintenance actions as well as supplementary surveys that will follow the assessment. Kiwa Inspecta has created a unified assessment process to ensure a level of high quality, coherence and development of our service.

Our condition assessment includes an extended energy efficiency assessment that we use as a basis for suggestions of possible energy saving actions for your property. The condition assessment can be updated yearly with a lighter and more low-cost service called repair need investigation. We recommend that a more thorough condition assessment is made every five years.


  • Helps to extend the lifecycle of your property
  • Investigates risks, condition and repair needs
  • Supports your maintenance − planning ahead, making decisions and budgeting over a longer time period
  • Saves money by taking the right action at the right time, “not too soon but before it’s too late”
  • Supports in improving energy efficiency