Building Automation Condition Survey

Building Automation Condition Survey

Most buildings contain several automation systems for ventilation, cooling and heating. Their correct usage has a tremendous effect on the energy efficiency of the whole property. Nowadays, the functional life of technical building automation systems is 15 to 20 years, during which their condition should be surveyed on a regular basis.

To examine the condition of the system an estimation-like familiarization of the system may be enough, but many times a more comprehensive condition survey might come into question. Kiwa Inspecta provides both building automation system assessments and building automation system surveys according to our customers’ needs.

In the building automation condition survey our experienced experts examine the functioning and control of ventilation, cooling and heating. In these surveys we can detect flaws in the control or usage, which can often be easily corrected. That brings improvements to energy efficiency, which makes the pay-off time of the survey very short.

It is often beneficial to carry out the building automation condition survey or assessment along with the ventilation or indoor air condition survey, as automation is remarkably important in the functionality of building systems.


  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Ensures right adjustments
  • Increases comfort for the users
  • Improves indoor air quality