Building Services

Building Services

Kiwa Inspecta has many years of experience of technical real estate consultations. The quality of maintenance and construction must be taken seriously: through proper use, maintenance and repair, it is possible to extend the lifecycle of a property, improve the comfort of use, and save money and the environment.

Kiwa Inspecta offers expert services covering each property’s entire lifecycle, whether a residential building, office, hotel, historical building, public building or factory. Our building services cover three areas described below:

Condition investigation services

We assess the condition of structures, water and sanitation systems, air-conditioning, indoor air and electrical systems, and support the customer in drawing up and implementing a maintenance program.

Building and energy utilization services

Kiwa Inspecta’s energy inspections, lifecycle calculations and environmental impact assessments help you pay attention to the right things when you want to improve real your property’s energy efficiency. We also

give you advice about the correct use of the property and help you ensure that maintenance and servicing measures are performed in a high-quality manner.

Project Management services

Kiwa Inspecta’s project management services cover the entire project, ranging from project management, communications and project design to design-control, and the competitive procurement of contractors, supervising the work performance, quality assurance and warranty inspections.