Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

To support your work with safety, uptime and profitability it is an advantage to have a partner to share knowledge with and to grow with.

Kiwa Inspecta has very well-qualified personnel and vast experience of both the day-to-day work and in tackling the challenges facing your industry. We understand your business and its challenges in every detail and are able to provide excellent advice. We have leading-edge expertise in many areas such as failure investigations, condition & lifetime assessments, design calculations, structural verification and project risk management. We interpret standards, perform calculations and carry out assessments.

We can, for example, help you decide on when and how to replace a degraded component, to develop inspection and testing plans to guard against fatigue failure or stress corrosion cracking in pressure equipment, or to carry out load and strength analysis in conjunction with dimensional analysis of bridge design. Kiwa Inspecta also has many years of experience of technical real estate consultations, like drawing up condition investigations, analyzing repair needs, improving the energy use of buildings and carrying out and managing construction projects.

Risk management one key to success

Risk management and risk methods complement our traditional consultancy services. Properly performed risk assessments are the basis for success whenever important decisions must be made, when new systems are purchased, or to manage complex developments or construction projects, or for development of quality and validation plans.

We provide the very best professional advice. To help you to make the right decision.