Risk Inventory

Risk Inventory

By identify potential sources of risks, and by performing risk assessments, many accidents can be prevented. With years of experience from inspections of pressurized and lifting equipment, Kiwa Inspecta has unique competence within this area.

We effectively help plant owners to identify sources of risks, evaluate those sources and analyze the effect of the proposed risk reduced actions. Risk assessments give you a safer working environment and meet the requirements of all operating regulations.

With the results of our risk analysis, you get valuable knowledge about your plant and a starting point so you know when it is time to rebuild or renovate your plant in the future.

According to governmental regulations, risk assessments must be carried out by someone who has adequate skills and competence to do these kinds of assessments. If such a person is not available within the company, an external skilled person or company shall be engaged. Kiwa Inspecta is just that company and, with our help, you get control over your risks.

Benefits of Risk Inventory

  • Potential risk sources during your daily operations will be identified 
  • Actions to reduce risks are evaluated
  • You get a safer working environment after risk reduction actions
  • Gives you a starting point for future analyzes
  • Gives you detailed knowledge about the plant and your facilities
  • Meets all governmental authority regulations