Inspection of Water Slides

Inspection of Water Slides

Summer, sun and water games are closely connected. With children playing on your water slides it is crucial they are safe to ride. Water slides are mechanical structures that might be hazardous if they are not constructed properly or managed in a responsible manner.

We inspect your slides to make sure they are safe and to see if there is any corrosion in the slide and to check the condition of the joints between the plastic sections. During the inspection the material is checked to see how it is withstanding UV-light and to ensure the strength of the runway foundations and pillars are sufficient.

Kiwa Inspecta is accredited for testing and inspecting waterslides. Our inspection engineers have expertise in both the mechanical and electrical systems of amusement park installations. In addition to monitoring and inspection by an accredited body,  self-monitoring of installations and continuous supervision is required. We can help you set up systems to check your slides and other installations during your daily operations.

Benefits of Inspection of Water Slides

  • Enhances security and improves the quality of your Water Slide installation
  • Provides information that can be used to ensure that the facility will be safe and increase operating time.
  • Reduces costly downtime through increased availability
  • Provides information for maintenance planning
  • Gives early warning of damage
  • Provides knowledge of construction permits
  • Provides input to the various support systems that can be used to predict future problems