Inspection of Pressure Equipment

Inspection of Pressure Equipment

Inspection generates substantial data that can be used to ensure safety and increase the life span of your pressurized equipment. The result is valuable input for maintenance systems which provides early warnings of future problems so you can avoid additional costs or, at worst, an emergency breakdown.

We inspect all kinds of pressurized equipment, from small measuring devices to powerful pressure vessels. We do inspections at every level, ranging from design review, installation, manufacturing, modernization, maintenance and in-service inspections.

Many inspections are mandatory and require a formal record; others are commercially driven to meet specific customer needs. European directives need to be fulfilled. There are a variety of national inspection requirements that need to be followed for control of plants in operation. Kiwa Inspecta is a notified body for many European directives. This means Kiwa Inspecta is authorised by national accreditation bodies to perform inspection in compliance with local and international standards. But inspection is more than complying with legislation and regulations. A well trained inspector can immediately reveal when quality is not up to standard, and can thereby positively influence production and the quality of the product.

Safety demands skilled and experienced inspection staff combined with practical procedures and clear-cut documentation. Integrity and respect for our partners are imperative and we work very closely with our customers. Kiwa Inspecta is experienced in planning and executing large-scale planned maintenance breaks in the field of pressure equipment safety.

Benefits with inspection of pressure equipment

  • You minimize the risk of injury
  • You increase operational availability
  • You obtain a good basis for planning maintenance and investment
  • You get high technical competence, good service and a good geographical coverage.